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Develop your first web application with PHP and MySQL, and offer you an interesting visibility on the web

The project is therefore to develop your professional blog. This website is divided into two main groups of pages:

useful pages for all visitors;
the pages to administer your blog.
Here is the list of pages that should be accessible from your website:

the home page ;
the page listing all posts blogs;
the post post blog page;
the page to add a post blog;
and the page to edit a post blog.

There will be no user management to do (authentication / authorization). We will see that in a future project. So everything is visible to everyone and everyone is able to create / edit content too.

Let's start with the pages useful to all Internet users.

On the homepage you will need to present the following information:

Your name and surname;
A photo and / or logo;
A catch phrase that resembles you (example: 'Martin Durand, the developer you need!');
A menu allowing to navigate among all the pages of your website;
A contact form (upon submission of this form, an email with all this information will be sent) with the following fields:
- last name First Name
- contact email
- message
a link to your resume in pdf format;
and all links to social networks where you can follow (Github, LinkedIn, Twitter ...).

On the page listing all blogs posts (from the most recent to the oldest), the following information must be displayed for each post blog:

the title ;
the date of last modification;
the chapo;
and a link to the post blog.

On the page detailing a post blog, you need to display the following information:

the title ;
the chapo;
the contents ;
the author;
the date of last update;
and a link to the modification form of a post blog.

On the page allowing to modify a post blog, the user has the possibility to modify the fields title, chapo, author and content.

In the menu, there must be a link to access the post blog creation page.

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Posted by Romain on October 30, 2017, 18h53

un petit test !!!!

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