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You're embarking on a great learning journey! Equip yourself with the tools and mentalities you'll need throughout your courses and projects.

Learning Objectives

Learning is what brought you here in the first place, is not it? Dig a little!

Ask yourself the following questions and write a short paragraph that you will present to your mentor:

What is my long-term goal? Maybe you aspire to change careers in a single or new business, or is it developing a new skill set. Think about it!
What is my learning pace? Some want to invest only a few hours a week, others are full-time. It is about setting a realistic learning pace even if you do not stick to it 100% every day.

How will I manage the moments of frustration? The themes you are going to address are not always going to be a health walk. Think about your past experiences, at school or in the company, and remember how you managed to overcome these difficulties.

Our CV and LinkedIn


Regardless of your goals after OpenClassrooms, your resume is crucial for networking and the next steps in your career. Take the time to create your resume now or upgrade the one you currently have to show your experience with OpenClassrooms.


Now it's time to create a LinkedIn profile or update it to indicate your student status at OpenClassrooms. Just as for your resume, a well-worked LinkedIn page will help potential employers find you easily (and vice versa)!

The Learning Journal

A journal is a very good way to track your progress, your mood, and the questions you might have throughout your journey. In addition, it will give you a very interesting look at what you will have crossed when you have finished your course!

Whether you choose to write it on paper, a Word file, or whatever, create a learning journal for yourself. Every day you study (or want to), fill out your diary at the end of the day. Express what you feel, what you are proud of, and more.

Dedicated Workspace Discussion Channels

Between mentoring sessions, you can chat with other students and even other mentors on a Workspace Discussion Channel (an online forum). This is the place where other people are doing the training: learn how to connect with them regularly, it will allow you to support each other between students and mentors, but also to get some very useful help between two mentoring sessions.

This space is dedicated to you as Premium Plus. Learn how to use it, it will be of great help to you!

Start by introducing yourself by arriving in a few lines, this will help to get to know and meet people close to you who share the same goals and passions! We invite you to propose a mini-biography in a few words, indicate one or more of your hobbies and add your photo.


A .doc file showing your learning objectives (the 3 points listed) in detail. The document should be at least 1 page, with single-line spacing.
Your CV with all your experiences / trainings / etc, completed with status mention with OpenClassrooms
A link to your LinkedIn profile
Your first article in your learning journal explaining how things are going (or anything else you would like to share). If your journal is on paper, this can be a photo of your written text. If it is numeric, submit it as a .doc file.

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